Our Team

A team highly committed to Privacy Enabling Technologies, Cyber Security, and Cryptocurrency.
Robert Foster
CEO & Founder
Robert, Founder and CEO of Paragon, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background. Initially trained as a solicitor at a top UK law firm, he transitioned into entrepreneurship, founding and leading several successful ventures. Now fully committed to the cryptocurrency space, Robert focuses on driving growth for Paragon. Described as relentlessly dedicated, he immerses himself in podcasts and audiobooks on growth hacking strategies. Outside of work, Robert enjoys exploring stoic philosophy, rugby union, and discovering excellent countryside pub food.
Daniel Wallbanks
Daniel, a seasoned sales professional with 18 years of experience, delved into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2015. His journey includes pivotal roles at renowned organizations like Virgin Media and Avark. Notably, he's been instrumental in the growth of the Manchester Blockchain Alliance, showcasing his dedication to advancing blockchain technology. With a blend of crypto passion and sales expertise, Daniel thrives at the intersection of cryptocurrency and business growth.
Nik Pletikos
Head of Tokenomics/Head of Treasury
With a decade of experience as a DeFi expert, Nik brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His extensive background includes crafting efficient token models and adeptly managing DAO treasuries. Nik's expertise spans various facets of tokenomics, encompassing key areas such as Inflation Management Setup, Token Burn, Token Buyback, Supply & Demand System, Analysing Demand, Analysing Supply, Inflation Overview, Native-Token Strategy Setup, Wallets Management, Token Buybacks, Token Burning, and Risk Management.Having lent his expertise to over 50 cryptocurrency projects in the last decade, Nik has played a pivotal role in the success of notable entities like Bitstamp, Hacken, and Sweat Economy.