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Where Privacy, Security & Crypto Intersect

Securing Tomorrow:
Advancing Privacy Payments on the Blockchain

Our Mission

Ensure Ultimate Financial Privacy on the Blockchain: Discover How Privacy, Security and Crypto Intersect

Meet our team

A team highly committed to Privacy Enabling Technologies, Cyber Security, and Cryptocurrency.
Robert Foster
Founder & CEO
Robert is the Founder and CEO of Paragon and is a seasoned entrepreneur. Originally Robert started out as a solicitor with a top 20 UK law firm. Since then, Robert has founded, co-founded and led a number of successful businesses prior to turning to exclusiviely committing to the cryptocurrency space where he is solely focused on driving growth across the business. Robert has been described as having a relentless dedication to his work and can regularly be found engrossed in various podcasts and audiobooks to do with various growth hacking strategies. Robert is also a keen enthusiast in stoic philosophy, rugby union and discovering really good countryside pub food!
Steve White
With over 25 years of entrepreneurial success in technology, Steve is a seasoned leader with a track record of founding and operating multiple tech companies. From ideation and securing seed investments to scaling ventures for lucrative Trade Sale exits, they bring a wealth of experience. Their expertise extends to crafting comprehensive Technology, Information, and Data Security Strategies, developed through roles as a Founder/Director, Non-Executive Director (NED), and Senior Consultant. Proficient in navigating boardroom dynamics, fostering strategic insight, and guiding technical teams, they excel in short to medium-term planning, meticulous service management, and embracing cutting-edge tech trends through agile development methodologies
Jake White
With a lifelong immersion in technology and having grown up in his parents' tech businesses, Jake seamlessly blends technical expertise with business acumen. Armed with a business degree from the University of Manchester, he founded his Web3 development company, leveraging a wealth of experience. Over the years, he has been dedicated to crafting innovative applications, aligning his deep understanding of Web2 and Web3 technologies with comprehensive security measures. As a Technical Director, Jake leads projects with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a keen awareness of industry trends. His journey, from childhood tech exposure to entrepreneurial success, reflects a dynamic fusion of technical skill and business acuity
Daniel Wallbanks
Director of Growth and Partnerships
Daniel is an early Bitcoin and Crypto enthusiast, embarking on his journey in 2015 with the purchase of his first token. With an impressive 18-year background in sales, he has honed the art of driving sales and fostering growth. Daniel's professional journey includes impactful roles at notable organisations such as Virgin Media and Avark. Notably, he has played a crucial part in the growth and success of the Manchester Blockchain Alliance, showcasing his commitment to the advancement of blockchain technology. Daniel combines his passion for the crypto space with a wealth of experience in sales, making him a dynamic professional at the intersection of cryptocurrency and business growth
Nik Pletikos
Head of Tokenomics/Head of Treasury
With a decade of experience as a DeFi expert, Nik brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His extensive background includes crafting efficient token models and adeptly managing DAO treasuries. Nik's expertise spans various facets of tokenomics, encompassing key areas such as Inflation Management Setup, Token Burn, Token Buyback, Supply & Demand System, Analysing Demand, Analysing Supply, Inflation Overview, Native-Token Strategy Setup, Wallets Management, Token Buybacks, Token Burning, and Risk Management.Having lent his expertise to over 50 cryptocurrency projects in the last decade, Nik has played a pivotal role in the success of notable entities like Bitstamp, Hacken, and Sweat Economy. Beyond his professional endeavors, Nik's multifaceted background reveals an individual fluent in four languages. Notably, he stands as a World Class Professional Athlete, achieving the title of World Champion in the ILCA 6 Class at the 2021 World Championships in Oman. Currently pursuing a Ph.D., Nik recently earned a qualification in Data Science: Probability Theory from Harvard University.


Building Tomorrow: A Blueprint for Paragon's Collective Future

Q1 2024

Exclusive Pre-sale for Early Supporters

Q2 2024

Token Audit and Token Launch

Q3 2024

Debut of Paragon Privacy Payment App v1

Q4 2024

Evolution with Paragon Privacy Payment App v2 and Introduction of GBP Stable Coin (poundtoken.io)


Pioneering a Private Blockchain for Paragon

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